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Questions I have for my readers:
  1. What kinds of things do you like to write??? (So far I have tried writing fiction, nonfiction, poems, diary entries, emails, newspaper articles, blog posts, worksheets, report cards, friendly letters, opinion essays, and cartoons. I would like to try writing a book of jokes. Once, when the slugs gobbling my vegetable garden, I wrote tiny signs that said “No slugs” and “I’d turn back if I were you”. They did not work. Maybe slugs can’t read? Or maybe they just don’t care.)
  2. Should I write a sequel to The Octopus Under the Bridge??? (I haven’t decided yet whether or not to write more about this story. I was thinking about creating a sequel from Flossie’s point of view, set a few years after this book ends, but what do you think? What would you want to see happen in a sequel? What do you imagine the characters doing after this book ends? Or do you have a totally different idea for me?)
  3. Who are you and what questions do you have??? (I love kids. Little kids can be cute, but let’s be honest, nobody wants to see that giant snot bubble on your face. Big kids are my favorite! That’s why I teach fourth and fifth grade! Being around kids keeps me curious. Like my students, I like to know a little bit about everything. Did you know that an octopus has light-sensitive skin which helps it see? What kinds of things are you interested in? What are you good at? What do you like to do? If you write to me I will write you back!)

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