I came, I saw, I blogged

Here is my conversation with my ten-year-old daughter last night.

Me: Guess what? I’m starting a blog.

Daughter: Blogs don’t exist anymore.

Me: What are you talking about? Of course blogs exist. I’m about to start writing one.

Daughter: Nobody reads them.

Me: I read blogs every day!

Daughter: Nobody under 40 reads blogs anymore.

Me: Perfect. Then my blog is just for people over 40.

Daughter: Perfect. [Turns to leave.]

Me: Would it be cooler if I did a podcast? A vlog?

Daughter: [shuts bedroom door]


Welcome to my blog! It is only for people over 40! If you are under 40 and accidently stumbled across this, be aware that you risk catching old-person disease!

Specifically, this blog will focus how to help adults save money. First and foremost, save on food. As time goes on, I am also eager to explore money-saving ideas for all life’s other expenses. Then, I want to write about how to supplement income with part time jobs. Finally, I am interested in how to make even small amounts of money grow through wise investments.

Why will I blog about saving money? They say “write what you know.”

Published by akinerk

Originally from New Hampshire, I have lived on the Key Peninsula for the past eight years with my family. I am a teacher and also write articles for the KP News.

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